“BREAKTHRU: No more Nasty tasting Energy Drinks for You...”

Let me give you More stamina and More Endurance. You are the active Health Conscious Adult 


“You’re About To taste A Secret That Most People Will Never Know...


Give us a chance to have you sample this energy drink and you will be forever grateful.

- Marcus Simmons       

What are the most important attributes you desire in an energy drink?


We have, for you, an energy drink with no sugar, no or little carbohydrates and no or little caffeine, but it does have great taste.

XSŪ Energy Drink

XSŪ Energy Drink


When you request the worlds finest energy drink you'll discover an amazing array of flavors like...


  • • XS™ Energy Drink – Cranberry Grape Blast
  • • XSŪ Energy Drink – Wild Berry Blast
  • • XS™ Energy Drink – Citrus Blast

    • XS™ Energy Drink – Tropical Blast
  • • XS™ Energy Drink - Black Cherry Cola Blast

    • XS™ Energy Drink – Root beer Blast

    • XS™ Energy Drink – Cherry Blast

    • XS™ Energy Drink – Electric Lemon Blast 
  • • And many more sent straight to your doorstep...

 For a sample list of ingredients go to the ingredients page .



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